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Core Business


Transhipment means transporting a shipment via a third country between the origin country and the destination country. Transhipment can meet the various demands of traders:

* Triangle trade,in which the middleman wants to avoid the contact between the actual supplier and the actual buyer;

* Consolidation--the shipper wants to consolidate the goods from Country A with those from Country B and sell to Country C;

* Overseas bank loan application--the borrowing interest is low from overseas banks,but you need to have something for mortgage,for example ,a bill of lading;

* Avoiding trade barriers.

Our advantages:

* Strong partnership in Hong Kong,Malaysia,Singapore,Taiwan,Dubai for the arrangement of transhipment;
* Rich experiences.We have more than 8 years experience in such handling;
* Accountability. We are able to deliver our promises and also fix problems,while some small competitors keep coming and going;

Job picture: