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Core Business

HLT INT’L Logistics Ningbo LTD is the exclusive agent of TDL (Trans Distance Line Ltd) which is registered in Hongkong as licensed NVOCC. TDL provides multimodal transport service by SOC and COC. For many yearsHLT INT’L Logistics Ningbo LTD strives to develop multimodal transport service from China/Southeast Asia to central Asia and CIS countries and has established strategic partnership in transit countries like Pakistan, Georgia, India and Vostochny. We are confident to help our customers deliver transit cargo in and out of CIS area with short transit time and low costs.

Thanks to our continuous efforts, now we could offer multimodal transport service to Central Asia & CIS countries by truck and rail via or Pakistan or Poti or Vostochny. Our service mainly covers

1.China, South East Asia, South Asia--Bandar Abbas , Azerbaijan,Armenia,Afghanistan,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan,Iraq,Kazakhestan,Kyrgyzstan by sea+truck

2. China, South East Asia, South AsiaPoti , Georgia Azerbaijan , Armenia by sea+truck or sea+rail

3.China, South East AsiaKarachi, PakistanAfghanistan by sea+truck

4. China--Vladivostok/Vostochny--Tashkent, Uzbekistan export & import service by sea+rail

5.South East Asia, South Asia, Gulf—Ningbo or Qingdao or LianYunGang—Kazakhestan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan by sea+rail